Runs for 24 weeks from mid May through the 4th week of October 2020. Receive a wide variety of produce from each growing season – spring, summer and fall. A bi-weekly share is the same amount of produce as a full-share, but picked up every other Thursday between 10am-5:30pm. An example of a share during the summer months-a dozen ears of corn, 6 tomatoes, 3 green peppers, a quart of green beans, a quart of squash and zucchini, 6 peaches and a melon.  PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE CSA DESCRIPTION BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING!

Add on option:

Add One Dozen Brown Free-Range Eggs to your CSA! These fresh eggs come directly to us from a local farm! Pick up your egg add-on weekly from mid-May to October 2020.

The eggs are raised by our trusted Amish partners who have farms in southern Lancaster County. They are antibiotic-and hormone-free and guaranteed to be good. Once you’ve eaten their fresh eggs, you’ll never go back to grocery store eggs again!

The egg shares are limited so register early!

Pick up site: Brad’s Produce, 550 Asbury Rd., Churchville, MD 21028

CSA Shareholder Agreement

By purchasing this CSA Share, I understand that payment for a share of the Brad’s Produce CSA entitles me a share of fruits and vegetables harvested at Brad’s Produce and Susquehanna Orchards, our local partnering farm. This is a commitment between Brad’s Produce CSA and me and I recognize that I will share in the risks of the growing season along with other members and the farmer. It is my responsibility to pick up my share on time. I understand that pick-up times will be assigned based on the share I have chosen. If I do not pick up my share or have someone pick it up for me within one (1) business day of my assigned time, my share will be donated elsewhere. I also understand my payment is nonrefundable.

To ensure freshness, Brad’s CSA shares cannot be mailed, shipped, or delivered.  All shares must be picked up from Brad’s on the date assigned.

Want to save $10 on the Regular Season Produce CSA – Bi-Weekly Share?Visit to download the 2020 CSA registration form and mail it to Brad’s with your check! Online payments available after December 31th, 2019.