Brad began raising Angus beef cattle and pork in 2013.  Today, Brad’s raises Angus cattle and pigs on its farm located on Cool Spring and Trappe Church Roads in Harford County.  The beef and pork are raised without the introduction of hormones, antibiotics or steroids and are grass and grain fed, which enables Brad’s to provide natural Angus beef and premier pork to its customers.  The flavor of beef and pork raised this way is better than the processed meat you can buy in grocery stores and you know where your meat is coming from.

Our meat is available for sale several times throughout the year at the Brad’s Farm Market on Asbury Road in Churchville in both retail cuts and in larger quantities for customers who are interested in filling their freezer with beef or pork by a quarter, half, or whole.  Ordering large quantities of beef or pork require a $100 deposit.

If you’re interested in purchasing our Angus beef and premiere pork, please email us at  We work with Bowman’s Butcher Shop in Aberdeen, MD to cut your beef and pork to your specifications.