Here is a plan for those who want to be able to buy our Brad’s Farm Market Angus beef and premiere pork as a CSA share. Pay $280 at the beginning of the year and receive a voucher for $300 of retail meat cuts throughout the season.  That’s a savings on your meat purchases all year long. This plan is a stand alone and does not require the purchase of any other CSA share. All of our meat is raised on our farm.  Our all-natural Angus beef is grass and grain fed as well as antibiotic-free and steroid-free with no added hormones.  It’s dry-aged for three weeks before being made available for purchase.  Our pigs are grain-fed and have no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Pick up site: Brad’s Produce, 550 Asbury Rd., Churchville, MD 21028

To ensure freshness, Brad’s CSA shares cannot be mailed, shipped, or delivered.  All shares must be picked up from Brad’s Farm Market.